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Amazon announced today the launch of their "Cloud Drive" online storage service. Anyone can get 5GB of free storage that can be used to store and stream audio, photos, and other files. Want more, no problem, for $20/year or free with the purchase of a single album from Amazon you can have your storage increased to 20GB. Amazon has a tiered plan that can increase your storage for $1/GB/year. They also tout that you can access your files from any computer and many devices (not Apple though).

It is a great idea but Amazon is very late to this game and their pricing structure is incredibly high... no not incredibly high, astronomically high and they didn't even slap an apple logo on it to justify the rates! $1,000 per year for a 1000GB plan is insane. No music collection can possibly worth that.

There are other, better solutions for online file storage. Mozy for one; Their unlimitied plan seems to be gone but I still think they beat Amazon. Or even better, Carbonite which offers "Unlimited" storage for only $54.95/year. Carbonite, similar to Amazon, allows you to access your file from any computer and many mobile devices, including Apple devices.

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