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I understand that I do not have a huge following and that I may never have one. But I enjoy blogging every now and then and enjoy sharing my knowledge. While I try to keep expenses at a minimum there is still a cost to owning a domain and some other minor costs associated with a blog. For me, I am lucky to keep those costs to around $40 a year. Very cheep thankfully.

I do try to generate something to offset those costs through Amazon Associates, Google Ads, and until today Commission Junction. I just discovered a very fine print in CJ's agreement that basically states that if no one makes a purchase on any of my ads within a 6 month time, CJ will tag my account as dormant and charge me $10 per month until my account is empty and then cancel it. CJ does not pay out until the account reaches $100 so there is basically no way possible to preserve any funds that my account has generated and in a few short months, any money that was generated by my work will be lost and my account closed.

Gee, thanks for nothing Commission Junction.

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