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How many times have you clicked on a link only to be directed to a web page full of pornography, advertisements, or sites asking you to install who knows what? What about that cool FaceBook fan page that your second cousins uncle suggested that you be a fan of that sends you to an endless loop of data mining websites.

There is a great little free application that can be installed on Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome. It is called Web of Trust or WOT and you can find a link to download and install at the bottom of this post.

This software integrates with your web browser and will advise you if a website that you are trying to access has a good reputation or not. It will also rate your searches so after you submit a Google or Yahoo! search you will see a rating next to the results. It is very easy to ignore any result with a big red circle next to it.

They have a process for you to submit sites that you think may be inappropriate and rate them accordingly. You can also re-rate sites that other people may have miss-rated.

I feel that installation of this application will save you and whoever supports your computer lots of time and money.

Web of Trust (WOT)

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