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Over the weekend Apple removed over 5000 applications from their iTunes Store. The applications were deemed by Apple to have “overtly sexual content”. But some critics are complaining that the action taken was selective and seems to target smaller, lesser known companies leaving larger companies alone to conduct sales as normal.

As reported by Fox News, one application banned was “Dirty Fingers Sexy Screen Wash” which shows a partially clothed woman acting as though she is cleaning the screen of your iPod/iPhone. While Apple banned this application they continue to allow Playboy, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, and FHM Magazines to be sold.

Besides the magazines above Apple also is allowing the Victoria’s Secret application and other applications that allow for the sale of lingerie and swimsuits. All of which show women in various states of undress. Many of which have less, if not much less, clothing than the Dirty Fingers application.

I have to wonder if the selective bans on these “sexy” applications have anything to do with sales and the percentage that Apple was able to collect on those sales. Other speculation is that Apple is preparing for the launch of the iPad. Apple may be planning to advertise the iPad as a device that could be used by school aged children for studies and the possibility of electronic text books. (Too Sexy for Your iPhone) (Apple Explains App Double Standard) (5 Sexy Apps Still in the iTunes Store)

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