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Google has started to roll out a nice new security feature that allows users to view what IP addresses are currently logged into their Google account, what type of access they are using (i.e. mobile, browser, pop3, etc) and when the logon was made. It also allows you to disconnect all sessions that you see.

Why would this be useful? What if you logged in to a public computer somewhere and forgot to logout? Or maybe you think that someone may be reading your mail? In the case of an identity theft or someone reading your emails, you could use the information here to track the IP address(s).

Unfortunately not everyone has this option yet, which is ‘par for the course’ with Google, but keep your eyes on your Gmail main page. The information will be in the middle, at the bottom, in the Gmail footer located just above the “Gmail view:” options.

You can get more details and see some screen shots at the below link.


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