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These are the things that I personally do not like about the new iPhone 3G and why I will not be purchasing one.

· Can’t replace the battery.
· Must use iTunes.
· Can’t install third party applications (out of the box).
· Cost’s too much ($1800+ in by the end of 2 years!).
· No expansion slot.
· High speed 3G network, but not many people can get it.
· Can only use a single provider.
· It’s still a consumer device.

Once again Apple proves that they are marketing and advertising geniuses. Their devices are nothing special and are years behind the true leaders in the industry. They also prove that they are masters of keeping the consumer under their thumb by controlling what software they have to use and what software they are allowed to install. Forcing them buy a new device if the battery goes bad. Tricking them into thinking they are getting a great deal by slashing the price to $199, but working with their ONLY provider to sneak in rate increases to compensate the difference (and then some). Advertising how fast their phone is, which is fact, but not letting slip that the 3G network is very small and most people will not be able to take advantage of it. And lastly force their customers to a single service provider.

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