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Citibank has reported that “hackers” have broken into Citibank networks and stolen customer PIN numbers. These stolen numbers were used by the “hackers” to make fraudulent ATM withdrawals. They state that they accomplished this by “hacking” into Citibank’s backend servers which are “increasingly built on Microsoft Corp.’s Windows operating system.”

So here is my problem with this. So what if the backend servers are built on Microsoft OS’s. What difference does that make at all? Any operating system is vulnerable to attack if proper security controls are not in place! It does not matter if it is Microsoft, Linux, or any other flavor of OS out there. It just burns me that they have to point out that Microsoft is running on the servers… SO WHAT! I guess the press just needs to dumb it down for the masses and point out early on in the article when they have the reader’s attention that its Microsoft’s fault. I guess if Citibank had been running their ATM’s with an array of iPhone’s everything would have been just fine … Bad Citibank … Bad!

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