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Whether it be a syntax error or a new "feature", PayPal emails, when opening in Outlook have suddenly started to cause extreme delays or even crashing Outlook altogether. Upon launching Outlook 2010 some may notice there is a delay and Outlook displays a message about "Contacting \\\b\ss\paypalglobal....". Now that we know where the hang up is we can create an easy fix to stop Outlook from tying to contact this URL. Follows these steps and your email client will start working again!

  1. Open Notepad.exe, (if running Vista or Windows 7 you need to open Notepad.exe by right clicking the exe and choosing "Run as Administrator"),
  2. Open your hosts file "C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts,
  3. Paste the following at the bottom of the Hosts file
  4. Save the Hosts file and restart Outlook.

Enjoy pause and crash free email!

user Posted by John "Mike" Wright

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  1. Kingvandal  

    Need more details! Is it exploiting a bug in Outlook 2010? Is it a malformed web address exploit? Details!

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