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I installed the Bing app on my iPad because it has been getting some good reviews. I too thought it was nice but was noticing right away that a hand full of the headlines did not match the photos. I noticed a headline about Tina Fey's pregnancy but showed a photo of Russel Brand. There were a few others, some comical, but the one that caught my keen eye was a headline that said "Longoria shows her kitchen skills in new cookbook." One would expect to see a photo of Eva Longoria and her new cookbook. Instead there is a photo of Cermeron Diaz with her breast exposed and another woman also with an exposed breast. Need proof, see the photos below. You can confirm that it is Cameron Diaz with a simple Google image search. Also below there is a mistake where a school shooting in Brazil is somehow associated with the movie Rio and Governor Rick Snyder is associated with the movie Sucker Punch.




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