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The iPad 2 will hit the shelves on March 11, 2011. That's only a week away! I didn't run right out and buy the original iPad when Apple released them last year. No, I waiting until after lunch before I bought mine. I have been satisfied with it and have been able to figure out ways to work around the lack of flash and VPN.

The new iPad will introduce a few new features that frankly should have been in the first version. A dual core CPU, a little thinner, a little lighter, a little faster graphics, and a camera located on the front and back and still no flash (Specs). The new iPad will be sold for the same price as the current version and the current version has been reduced in price by $100. The best deal though in on the refurbished iPads direct from the Apple Store. There you can find a 32 GB WiFi only for $429, that's $170 off from April of last year!

Am I going to buy an iPad 2? No. Would I recommend it? Maybe, if you think you will use the new features, but if you would be happy with a first generation iPad go get a refurbished one and save the money!

If you can count on anything in life, besides death and taxes, is the fact that Apple will be releasing another iPad within the next 10-12 months that will be even thinner, even lighter, and even faster and probably still no flash. I will sit this round out, but may look at the Motorola Xoom.

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