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Have you ever locked your Windows 7 system, came back to log on, and when you type your password that contains the letter "u" the Windows Ease of Access window pops up?

This is happening because you locked Windows 7 computer AND you have left an RDP session open. To test this (be sure you read this whole article first);

  1. Change your password so that it contains the letter "u"
  2. Open an RDP connection
  3. Leave the RDP connection open and lock your computer
  4. Now log back in, and you will notice that as soon as you press the "u" Ease of Access pops up
The work around for this is;
  1. When the Ease of Access window opens, Click Cancel
  2. Now click the ease of access icon in the lower left corner
  3. The Ease of Access window opens again, Click Cancel again
  4. Now enter your password and Ease of Access should not pop up again.
** If you just keep typing your password Ease of Access will just keep popping up when you type "u" unless you follow the above steps. Annoying isn't it? 

This is not a fix, it is just a work around. Next time you lock your machine with the RDP connection open it will happen again, just repeat the steps.

user Posted by John "Mike" Wright

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    THANKYOU Thankyou thankyou!

    I work from home, connected to my PC in the office via VPN. When this bug struck I thought I was going mad - and tech support at work had no ideas.

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