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Below are the easy steps to creating and sharing a folder on a Windows 7 system to be accessed from a Ubuntu 10.04 system, on the same network:

1. On your Windows 7 system, create a new folder or locate an existing folder to be shared.
2. Right click the folder and choose “Share With” “Specific People…”.
3. Type the user account of a user that has local rights on the Windows 7 Machine that you are using.
4. Change the permissions level on the right accordingly.
5. Click the “Share” button then click “Done”
6. On your Ubuntu 10.04 system, right click on your desktop and choose "Create Launcher.”
7. In the “Type” field, choose "Location"
8. In the "Name" field, type a name for your share.
9. In the "Location" filed, type “smb://username@IPAddress/share”
      Username = the username of your Windows 7 account you specified.
      IPAddress = the IP address of your Windows 7 Computer.
      Share = the name of the shared folder on your Windows 7 Computer.
      Example= smb://dave@
10. Click the "OK" button and when prompted enter the password of your Windows 7 user account.
11. At that point the shared folder should be mounted on your Ubuntu 10.04 desktop and should show up under “Places”

user Posted by John "Mike" Wright

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  1. Loushon  

    Mike, Thanks for this. I've been banging my head against the wall trying to share files from my living room an easy way.

  2. thijs  

    will this share be mounted again after reboot ?


  3. Mike Wright  

    No thijs, the shortcut remains, but you need to remount.

  4. NEiL  

    I tried this but the password box just keeps popping up and i don't get access

  5. Dwaindibbley  

    I keep getting the password Box popping up again and again. I have seen the solution somewhere before. I haev a feeling it is something to do with entering the machine name as part of the login name. Will keep searching

  6. Arun Raju  

    One of the most straightforward answers I got for accessing a windows share from ubuntu.

    hats off to u :)

  7. Arun Raju  

    awesome, thanks.

    i was able to mount an entire partition by appending the $ (dollar) symbol at the end, like E$ or C$

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