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David Kernell, son of Democratic Representative from Tennessee Mike Kernell, was convicted by jury of “Hacking” Sarah Palin’s Yahoo account. The 22 year old Kernell was convicted of unauthorized access to a computer and obstruction of justice.

Kernell used information that Palin herself made available to the public to guess her challenge questions that ultimately lead to his ability to gain access to her Yahoo account. Once he gained access to her account he changed her password and posted screen shots of emails on the internet.

On her Facebook page, Sarah Palin released the following statement (in part):

    “My family and I are thankful that the jury thoroughly and carefully weighed the evidence and issued a just verdict. Besides the obvious invasion of privacy and security concerns surrounding this issue, many of us are concerned about the integrity of our country’s political elections. America’s elections depend upon fair competition. Violating the law, or simply invading someone’s privacy for political gain, has long been repugnant to Americans’ sense of fair play. As Watergate taught us, we rightfully reject illegally breaking into candidates’ private communications for political intrigue in an attempt to derail an election.”

Source: eWeek
Source: Facebook

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