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I am not usually one to jump to a new flashy product on day one of its release. But the Apple iPad, in my opinion, is not your normal day one, generation one device. In my eyes the iPad could in fact be viewed as the fourth generation of the iPhone/iPod Touch. So, with that in mind, I did not concern myself too much about the fact that I became an ‘Apple Zombie Lemming Robot’ with everyone else standing to get one. Of course, with that said, I did wait until 4 in the afternoon to go down to my local Best Buy to pick mine up, no camping for me!

Before I get into this post I want to say that the 10 things that I will list that I “Hate” are things that I totally expected (with only one exception that I will explain). As I said above, I see this as the fourth generation of the iPhone so I pretty much knew what I was going to dislike.

Apple iPad: 10 Things I Hate About You

  1. PIN Number Security: I do not like the numerical PIN number security that Apple has built into their devices. I would like to have a password or pass phrase that can be configured with complexity rules. I would also like to see the keypad move around the screen so that when you enter your PIN it is not always in the exact same position leaving fingerprints.
  2. No USB Port: I really would like to see a USB port so that I can plug in input devices and thumb drives.
  3. USB Charging: USB charging is limited to the AC adapter or high powered USB ports on computers and USB hubs. If you have an older computer don’t expect that you will be able to charge your iPad from your USB ports.
  4. iTunes Required Before Use: Before you can even get past the first screen you must install iTunes on a separate computer and activate the device. This is just plain silly, the setup does not require you to do anything but plug it in and until you do that your new iPad is an expensive brick.
  5. No iWork: This is the surprise to me. I missed the little tiny footnote about the iWork suite being “sold separately”. My bad, but I thought that it was so prominent on the page that it was included, the demo models all had it, and I felt that was advertisement was misleading.
  6. No HULU: Flash is still not supported… There should be an “App for that”.
  7. Multitasking is Difficult: The iPad does not handle multitasking well. When you move from one application to another application often you have to start over again. This is annoying especially when using an application that requires to you log in each time you move out of it, like stocks and password management. Another complaint here is after you chose to install an application from the App Store, and you go back to the App Store, you have to start over again. So, if you were on page 30 of your search results you will be forced back to page one.
  8. iPhone Applications: Applications made for the iPhone/iPod Touch come over to the iPad fine, but they are very small in the center of the screen. The iPad can zoom them to 2x but then everything becomes blurry and pixilated. It would be nice to see some smoothing of the pixels after zooming.
  9. Consolidated Email Box: Multiple email accounts take multiple clicks to navigate. One email box that consolidates all email accounts would be very nice.
  10. Price: An Apple logo on the back of anything means that you are going to pay a premium, that’s given though.
This concludes the 10 Things I Hate, please see my other post “Apple iPad: 10 Things I Love About You

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  1. leon  

    "iPad Camera Connection Kit" Is this just for photo and video? Also I am wondering if there is room for a future third party attachment for thumbdrives and hardrives? I think I may wait for the second generation.

  2. Mike Wright  

    Leon: I read it as photos only and it appears to be tied to the "Photos app". Unless an unauthorized third party app comes out I doubt we will see support for other file types.

    As far as waiting for generation 2 for usb storage, I would not count on that. I could be wrong but I would guess we see a camera and an operating system upgrade in generation 2. I doubt we even see a price drop.

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