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Facebook does not have any authorized application that allows you to track who is visiting your profile. That means, that when you get a friend request asking you to install an application so that you can track people who visit your Facebook profile, you are being scammed.

These applications are classified as malware, or malicious software, and are designed to steal your information and reproduce itself. They do this by tricking you into installing their application, tricking you into allowing their application to access your Facebook profile, retrieving all of your information, and then propagating itself by sending itself to all of your Facebook Friends.

What can you do?

  • If a friend sends you a request to join, forward them this article.
  • Block the application if you already joined or are infected.
  • Un-friend, un-follow, and un-fan the application.
  • Change your Facebook password.
  • Change your email password.
Remember, you are only infected if you installed the application and allowed the application to access your information. You can confirm this in a number of ways, in Facebook;
  • In your profile, click Info, under pages click “See All”. Does everything look correct?
  • Now click “Account”, “Application Settings”, then choose “Authorized” from the drop down list. Click the “X” for any unwanted applications.
  • In the same area, choose “Allowed to Post” from the drop down list. Click the “X” for any unwanted applications.
  • If you find any unwanted applications listed you should now change your Facebook password by clicking on “Account” then “Account Settings”. Now find “Password” and Click the “change” link. 
  • Then ask your friends if they received any of these types of requests sent from your account.

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