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Facebook brought us the ability to tell everyone that we are home from work and ready to relax. Then Twitter let us inform the world that the wine works well with the steak at Outback, as we are eating it. Then we start to share our locations with Foursquare getting a little too personal by allowing people to track and possibly stalk us. But now there is a site that allows you to link your credit cards to your account and let everyone know exactly where you are and what you are buying.

Bear with me if you find the following unimaginable: allows you to link your credit cards to your Blippy account and advertise where you are, what you are buying, and how much you spent. According to the Blippy website you can see “What your friends are buying”. But Google paints an entirely different story.

Do this… Go to and type search this term "blippy com" "outback" (or just click the link to open a new Google search window/tab) Be sure that you keep the quotes exactly as I typed it. You will note that the last word is “outback” in quotes. You can change that word to anything you want, but be sure to keep the quotes. I encourage you to use your imagination with the word, it gets very interesting if you do! Now look through the results.

Did you notice that you were never prompted to log into or sign up for the service? Yet you can see all details with a simple Google search! I think I will pass on this service, but Google searching it will prove for hours of fun.

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