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I installed Microsoft Office 2010 Beta about a month ago and am very pleased with its functionality, look, and feel. It incorporates many of the qualities that I like in Office 2007 and makes them a little more friendly tasks, emails, and appointments are especially nice.

A very cool feature is how Outlook will group similar emails together. For instance; let's say you receive an email with the subject of "Cool Pics", you then reply to it, forward it, and delete the original. When you get a reply back, or a new email with the same subject, that new email will be put into a group that shows the other conversations in one place, no matter where those others are located (sent, deleted, inbox, personal folders, etc.).

Also, I really like the way that they changed the To-Do Bar. Your appointments, rather then just being grouped together, now have a separator that allows you to easier see the date the appointment is on.

A few words of warning;

  1. If you already have Office installed, you should completely remove it before you attempt to install Office 2010 Beta.
  2. Microsoft is recommending that you install the x86 version due to the fact that many common plug-ins are not supported in 64 bit.
  3. I don't know how or why, but my normal backup process of manually moving my deleted and sent items to personal folders was corrupted and I lost about 30 days worth of email backup. I have still not found the missing month of mail.
  4. Now that I have removed Office 2010 Beta, and re-installed Office 2007, every time I start Outlook I get a warning that my profile was configured in a new version of Office, even though I deleted my profile.
All in all I do like where Microsoft is going with the Office 2010 and look forward to its final release.

Download Microsoft Office 2010 Beta

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