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If you get an email that appears to be from Facebook with the subject "Facebook Password Reset Confirmation! Customer Support." or anything similar to that, beware. The mail looks innocent enough to the untrained eye but there is a very dangerous attachment that could spell the end of your Facebook account as you know it.

The attachment looks like a zip file but is actually an application that installs on your computer once you run it. The application will log your Facebook user name and password and send it to whoever wrote the program. Also, the program will run for anyone who logs into the computer that you installed it on. So if you share this computer with family members or if it is a work computer, anyone who uses Facebook on that computer will also have their information stolen.

How can you protect yourself?

  1. Don't open emails and especially don’t execute attachments from anyone you don’t know or recognize. Maybe even if you do know them?
  2. Be sure your computer is up to date with the most current updates for your operating system and internet browser, at least.
  3. And ensure that you have current and effective anti virus software enabled and running.
Source: McAfee

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