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Cloud computing seems to be all the rave lately. I thought we already lived through mainframe computing? Okay so green and amber screens are being replaced by a web browser now is that what I have been reading about?

Before cloud computing wasn't the catch phrase for computing and business the last couple of years "Green"? Maybe they will start marketing Green Clouds next? The Green Clouds can take of your green eggs and spam, boy that sounds like it could be right out of a Dr. Seus book. Who ever knew Dr. Seus may be so prevalent in computing someday.

I sure hope people are reading the fine print when it comes to cloud computing to ensure their data is protected and stays under their ownership. So what happens when you don't renew your SaaS(software as a service)or cloud application? Do they own your data? How do you retrieve your data? Worse yet could you imagine if your contract was written similarly to that of a storage unit facility? Your bill goes unpaid, they now own your data and it gets sold to the highest bidder. That is a rather frightful thought to me.

It is rather ironic that they have coined it cloud computing, because it sure seems like we could take a few tips from meteorologists when it comes to forecasting the computing world. Which clouds are going to stay and which clouds are going to float by? Like I mentioned before what happens when the clouds evaporate? Just make sure you are prepared.

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