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I don’t even need to spend the effort writing about this because Martin McKeay hit the nail square on the head (link below). I do want to add though; Where are the fact checkers? Has this information been validated or is the media and the web users just letting it run like wildfire? And, is this just a fabricated story meant to cause damage to the McCain/Palin ticket?

My thoughts… and of course, I could be wrong… I think this will turn out to be a fraud and the screen shots that everyone is seeing and ranting so much about will be discovered to be fabricated and completely false. Can we say "Photoshop"?

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9/18/2008: I still stand by my thought that this is going to turn out to be a fraud... Let’s assume, granted lets agree that YES in fact her email accounts were hacked, that part I am not disagreeing with. Let’s also agree that some (a single so far) emails are valid and verifiable. This much I believe to be fact. (Passwords suck) There is no way that anyone with half a brain cell would assume that using a personal (Yahoo) email account would believe that they could do so for government business and keep if off the radar. IF this was the case, her emails to "The Govenator" would have been sent to NOT his state of California email account. It is basic Government employee training (right down to the guy who changes the mints in the bottom of the urinals) that you do not do anything on the systems that you don’t want to read about in tomorrow’s news paper. Non-repudiation Look it up. In addition to that: The email accounts have been deleted from Yahoo… If that is also fact it would be destruction of evidence, a serious crime, which I also doubt her or Yahoo would be willing to so publically commit. My thoughts are still, Photoshop between the lines. Here is another great link with credit to Martin McKeay

9/23/2008: Busted

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