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The once rumored kill switch for applications that Apple-co does not want is now confirmed. With the 2.0.2 firmware upgrade Apple now can remotely kill any application that you have installed on your iPhone or iTouch. The first casualty on my device would be the PhoneSaber application. It was nothing more than a Star Wars style light saber that made swishing noises as you moved your device around. But it is no more (it worked fine under 2.0.0).

And second: After being home from work for the forth week with a new family member (hence no posts for a while) I just moved my treadmill out to the garage, setup a TV in front of it, and went online to order a video cable for my iTouch. A cable is a cable, and there is no point in spending $50-$100 on some monster of a cable with platinum plated whatever! So as always, I started looking at the $6 cables. Every single one I found had comments that they do not work on newer firmwares. It seems that sometime around the first of the year Apple flipped a software switch that killed all cables and adapters that are not branded with the Apple logo and of course that comes with a steep price! Some speculate that there is a chip in the cable?

Thanks again Apple for ripping me off. Can you imagine if Microsoft put a device killing switch in their operating system that only allowed to you connect Microsoft keyboards, Microsoft mice, and Microsoft branded power cables. Who does Steve Jobs have naked pictures of at the FTC!

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