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The squeaky wheels got the grease from Microsoft today as they have announced that they are going to extend support for Windows XP until the year 2014. If you do the quick math that means that the supported life of Windows XP will be 13 years! Something to keep in mind though, you can no longer purchase Windows XP retail edition and after June 30 2008 you will no longer be able purchase it OEM (Pre-loaded on new computers). The only exception to this would be low end computers like ASUSTek’s eeePC (Love it!) which will end around June of 2010.

So what does this mean to you and me? We will be able to get security and other critical updates from Microsoft. Software manufactures will be able to continue the support and development of applications for XP. And we won’t have to make the switch to Vista which for some (not me) seemed like the end of the world! However if you do find yourself stuck with Vista after June 30th and/or really want Windows XP, there is a loop hole in the license agreement that will allow you to downgrade some Vista licenses to XP at no additional license cost.

Of course this may all be pre-empted by the release of Windows 7 in the first quarter of 2010 (estimate only). I guess time will tell.

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