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Well the long awaited release of BackTrack 3 is finally over. Time to upgrade my USB drive now.

The USB version is very simple to get up and running. Use your favorite CD/DVD image tool such as UltraISO and extract the contents to either a USB drive or a folder. If you extracted the contents to a folder you will need to copy both the boot and BT3 directories to either a USB drive or SD card. If you are using a windows machine open a command prompt, change the drive letter to either the USB Drive or SD card (ie D:), then change to the boot directory (cd boot), and simply type bootinst.bat and hit enter. Let the batch file do it's job. Now the USB Drive or SD card should be bootable. In my case they both worked flawless on my EEEPC. This will not allow you to save any persistent changes to BackTrack 3 while you are using it, I will save that for another post.

Both the CD and the USB versions can be downloaded at There is also a prebuilt vmware image available.

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