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I have been noticing odd behavior with Internet Explorer yesterday and today. The program opens and then crashes with the typical send bug report to Microsoft.

Upon examining the logs, we noticed a faulting application of “yt.dll”.

"yt.dll" appears to be associated with Yahoo Toolbar.

If you experience this type of behavior, removing the Yahoo Toolbar from add/remove programs should resolve the problem.

user Posted by Mike Wright

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  1. Ericlaw  

    Known regression in the v7 Yahoo toolbar. The Yahoo team is working on it; consider an upgrade to v8.

  2. kdk  

    Thanks much!

    Now, just to decide how long to take in "figuring this out" on service calls....

    Incidentally, any clue why calling "iexplore -extoff" *doesn't* fix the crash? Isn't "yt.dll" just a browser extension?

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