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Virginia – Fairfax County School officials noticed unauthorized access to their Blackboard system a few weeks ago and contacted local police. After investigating the intrusions they discovered they came from the home of a 9 year old student.

It turns out the student had found his teachers password in his teachers desk and had been using that password to access the Blackboard system. Using this system the student was able to enroll teachers in classes and modify the passwords of those teachers. According to the report he was not able to change the grades of students or access other school systems.

While the students actions are certainly not justified, it is my opinion the the teacher should be held just as much responsible for this breach. Writing a password down is a very bad practice and then leaving that password where another person can access it extremely irresponsible. Hopefully the student and the teacher will share in reimbursing the police and school for the time and efforts that they incurred.

Source: Network World

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