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Trying to access YouTube this morning proved a little difficult prompting me to wonder if the site had been hacked or was experiencing a denial of service attack. According to the Register a YouTube spokesperson was quoted as saying, "We apologize for the inconvenience, but YouTube is temporarily unavailable. Our engineers are currently working to restore the site."

Though I cannot find any other reports, so this is pure speculation on my part: Last night I noticed that the Google Adsense network seemed to be down for about an hour around 1800-1900 PST. I first noticed that all of the Google advertisements on our site were mysteriously gone at around 1800 PST. I then surfed on over to at least a dozen other sites that I know have Google ads only to discover that there was none displayed their either.

Another round of pure speculation: During the same time last night when Google Adsense was not working, GoDaddy DNS seemed to be having a hiccup. The ACW domain is hosted at GoDaddy and I have a DNS redirect to our blogger site. Around 1800 PST last night, when accessing our site, I received a 'Service Unavailable' message from GoDaddy.

If I am right about the Adsense outage and the GoDaddy issues I was having, then that would make GoDaddy and two major Google services down in less than a twelve hour period. This just days after Google went on the offensive with China and a day after GoDaddy joined forces with Google.

Things that make you go hmm.

*Update 3/25/2010 1845 PST: Google is is stating that the YouTube outage was a "Technical Issue" and not a denial of service attack. There still is no mention of any Google Adsense or GoDaddy outage. LINK

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