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I have not had any luck, until today, getting Skype for Verizon BlackBerry installed on my device. The link that Skype provides on their website does not install. The SMS message from Skype does not install. The SMS message form Verizon does not install. All of the three display an error message that tells me that Skype is not available on my device. I guess some customers had the application pushed over the weekend but not me.

After a nice weekend away from my computer I set out to find it, and I did. At the end of this post you will find the from Verizon for an Over the Air (OTA) download. Simply open the link from your device and follow the instructions.

Verizon Wireless OTA Installation

And please, if you decide to subscribe to Skype, please support us by using the link below.

user Posted by John "Mike" Wright

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  1. tracy  

    When I click your link i get "env:Client Internal Error"

  2. tracy  

    Never mind - i see that I was supposed to click this from my Bberry - done!

  3. Rob  

    Was sooo excited about this as I live in Asia and use my Verizon Blackberry to send and receive emails over here. For phone service I (i) use Skype on my computer when available or (ii) pay outrageous international calling fees through Verizon.

    Imagine my disappointment then after installing the Skype application it read, "Skype mobile can only be used on Verizon Wireless in the US."

    Internationally it ain't worth shi -er, much.

  4. Mike Wright  

    Glad you got it figured out Tracy.

    Yep, Rob, US only. Sorry I didn't specify in my post.

    Thank you both for reading and commenting.

  5. MattH  

    Great find! Thanks for posting. I, too, was frustrated with the non-working links. This one worked like a charm.

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