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So did you notice that your friend asked you to join a Facebook fan page that allows you to see who is clicking on your profile? So cool! You can see every person who views you. You can catch that high school crush that you just knew had it for you and catch that stalker, right? Actually, no, you can’t.

These fan pages that tout the ability to track these activities are a complete and utter fraud. According to Sophos these types of fan pages are nothing more that pyramid schemes. In the pages that they tested, and the pages that I personally tested, once you get suckered into becoming a fan they force you to suggest to your friends that they also join the fan page. You must do this before you can move to the next step. Sophos reports the page they tested required that you share their page with 50 of your friends. The one I tested required that you add your entire friends list.

Once you move on to the next step you enter into an endless bombardment of data mining websites. They force you to sign up to receive information on all sorts of junk. Every time you enter your information into one site and hit submit they force you to another, and another, and another. In the one I tested I went five screens of entering data like name, address, phone number, email, and birth date before I gave up.

At this point I must apologize to Blah Blahgerson, at 125 blahblah st, blahsville, CA 99999.

So next time you get that suggestion from your friend about “See Who’s Spying On Your Profile – GET NOTIFIED”, “See Everyone Who Views Your Profile,” or any other fan page like it, JUST SAY NO! Then forward this story on to your x-friend.

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