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Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 6 is officially dead. As of March 1, 2010 Microsoft will longer be supporting or providing updates for the sixth version of their web browser. IE6 was a constant head ache for system administrators and web developers alike and I am not sure many are sad to see it finally laid to rest.

With the increase in malware and spyware and the enhanced security features of both IE7 and IE8 there was really no reason not to make the switch. Even a change to Firefox is a much improvement and some would argue a better change that any Microsoft browser.

Either way, any of you still using IE6 should make a change sooner rather than later. New security threats could leave you wide open to hackers and your data and your identity is at risk!

There is great satire website about the IE6 funeral, check out the link below. Microsoft reportedly even sent flowers and a card.

IE6 Funeral

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