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I recently came upon the need to receive Gmail on multiple computers using Outlook. The problem I ran into was that once one computer downloaded the message, any additional computer would ignore it. This was a problem for me because I needed to have all of my messages delivered to all of my machines.

It is a very easy fix and here is the walk through;

  1. Open your account settings for the Gmail account you wish to modify. For Outlook 2007: Click "Tools" > "Accounts Settings" > then double click the Gmail account.
  2. Under "Logon Information" you probably see your user name, (example "joe845"). You need to modify that user name to include your full Gmail address and you must precede it with "recent:"
    1. * For example, if your user name is "joe845" change it to ""
  3. Now follow the same steps above on all of the machines you need to receive Gmail on.
That is all you need to do. If you get any initial errors sending or receiving, restart Outlook and try to send and receive again.

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