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After my first story on I decided to go back and conduct a short unscientific survey. Basically I made 100 successful connections to chatroulette users and made a note of what I viewed. By successful I must have been able to see the user and I must see them move. This will weed out anyone who has no camera, camera turned off, or camera aimed at a photo.

I made note first of the gender of the person I saw. Then made note of the gender of the person if they were nude or engaged is some sort of sex act. And finally I made note of the extent of nudity or type of sex act.

As you can see in the charts below; 89% of the people that I connected with were males with only 11% female. Of my 100 successful connections 20 or 20% contained sexual content. Of those 20 sexual connections 19 or 95% were males and 1 or 5% were female. And lastly, of the 20 sexual connections I observed 9 males with erect penis’s masturbating and 8 additional males were nude. One male had his camera aimed at his penis, while another pointed his camera at his testicles hanging out from under his shirt. I observe 1 female with her breasts exposed.

So, I conclude, is a sausage fest with nearly a 1 in 9 chance of observing either a nude man or a man masturbating himself. The things I do in the name of science, excuse me while I go bleach my eyes.


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