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Do you use FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter, or any other social networking website? Are you one of those people that love to give updates on where you are and what you are doing? Have you ever thought about the danger you are putting yourself, your family, and your property in by letting the world know about that?

Let us view this from a different angle. While you are telling people where you are, you are also telling people where you are not and in some cases you are telling them how long you will not be there.

There is a website that re-posts Twitter activity when people advertise that they are not home. I encourage you to check it out by using the link below and see what people have to say. Then I urge you to go back and review your posts. Do you regularly tell people when you are on your way to work, out of town on training, home alone, at Disneyland? If so consider the risks that you are taking in doing so.

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