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Have you ever tried to visit a web page only to get an error about the page not existing? But you just now without a doubt that you were on that site just yesterday. Or maybe you go to Facebook or MySpace and the page just never loads.

With this handy link you can enter the address of any site you are having problems with and find out if the site is down or if it is just you. This tool can come in quite handy to troubleshoot whether you have a problem with your network, your computer, or if there really is a problem with the site.

Down for Everyone or Just me?

There is a similar tool for figuring out if an email address is valid or not. With this site you can enter in an email address and verify whether or not the address is valid. I find that email address verification is not as accurate when trying to validate enterprise or government servers. These server will use tools to prevent access to address records, but for smaller organizations or the free email providers it will work well.

Verify Email Address

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  1. Unknown  

    I always use to see if an email is valid or not.
    They are the most secure and accurate email validation system I can find.

    Here is the link where you can find them

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