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Captain Barnaby Jack of the SS Juniper was force to walk the Black Hat plank today as his talk demonstrating security weaknesses in widely used ATM machines was chopped. The presentation was said to “explore both local and remote attack vectors, and finish with a live demonstration of an attack on an unmodified, stock ATM.” Captain Jack’s employer, Juniper Networks, stated that they [Juniper] “…believes that Jack’s research is important to be presented in a public forum in order to advance the state of security… However, the affected ATM vendor has expressed to us concern about publicly disclosing the research findings before its constituents were fully protected.”

Well duh! I have no knowledge as to how long Jack and Juniper have known about this or if the vendor in question has been afforded the time required to research it themselves. But let’s assume that they have not had adequate time; the vendor needs to protect itself and its customers before the information is released publicly. Lets now assume that the vendor has had plenty of notice; Then it will be more that their rum and gold that the scurvy pirates will be after…. arr.

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