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Here are some more tips if you are either thinking about building or you have already built a HTPC like Mike and I.

For those of you that missed it Mike did a nice write up on Blu-Ray support in Vista Media Center.

I really wanted to find a solution to play various media files through Vista Media Center. Some of you (like Mike) are probably thinking why not just use VLC? I have VLC installed and it is a great program for playing back various media files, however it didn't solve my Vista Media Center issue. So as most of us geeks would, I found myself googling for an answer and found a fantastic codec pack. The codec pack was very appropriately named Vista Codec Package. It can be found at Shark007's Vista Codecs Homepage. It was easy to install and has a nice menu if you need to modify the various codecs for closed caption and such. I am sure there are other Codec packs out there that would work but Shark007 has done a great job with the pack he created.

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