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Like others, I was waiting for 8am PST to roll around and make a grab at the new .me domain name that I so confidently thought I could get. Logged into GoDaddy I watched as the seconds until 8am ticked off. The clocked turned to 8am and I was off to the races. I typed in the domain I was after and added it to my cart and proceeded very quickly through the hosting and email plans they offer in hopes to just purchase the domain only at this time. Finally after going through all the other items I attempted to open the shopping cart to complete the purchase. As coined by GoDaddy itself, The "Super Bowl Effect" hits and I am stuck in shopping cart loading hell. After the shopping cart loaded I then proceeded with my purchase. After the purchase I was emailed my receipt for the domain. I noticed the domain was taking a while to show in my account, so I decided to investigate a little. Knowing it shouldn't show up on the web yet, I typed the URL into a browser only to find it had already been parked by someone else. I quickly did a whois (other than GoDaddy) on the domain only to see it had already been registered to someone else. I immediately called GoDaddy to discuss the issue. Their support staff was very courteous and explained that my purchase was in a "not likely state", but it was not a definite no yet. Shortly after talking to them I received the doom and gloom email that was a definite "No" at this point and my refund would ensue. So due to the "Super Bowl Effect" (shopping cart hell) I missed out on the domain by approximately 5-10 precious minutes.

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