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On June 26th 2008 Blizzard Entertainment announced enhanced two factor authentication for World of Warcraft user accounts. This is done via a light weight device that is small enough to attach to a key chain. They call this the Blizzard Authenticator. It is basically a small plastic device like a car alarm fob. It has a button and a digital display. Once you press the button the display will read a six digit numerical code. The device would be associated with a users WoW account. Once the device and the account are linked the user must enter the six digit code that is generated on the device while logging on to their WoW account. The generated code is only good for a single login and a new code must be generated every time. The device will be available for only $6.50 which is a small price to pay for this level of security.

My question is; Why have banks, credit cards, mortgage companies, and other online services not jumped on this band wagon? This is not new technology! I would love to have a token that preformed this function for every site I visited that dealt with any of my PII or PHI. (Notice I said A token for every site, not a token for each site!)

Oh ya... They announced Diablo 3 too!!!

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