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If you have kids then you need to check out this web browser. The ZAC Browser which is short for Zone for Autistic Children, is a program designed specifically for children with autism. But it really is much more than that and I think any parent with children ages 2 through their pre-school years should really take advantage of this free piece of software.

The “browser” is not a browser in your classic sense. You will not find URL’s or classic navigation that comes with your normal web browsers. And with that, you won’t find any inappropriate content either. Your children will experience vibrant colors, moving images, and animated cursers and icons. The program has available hundreds of internet based games, music, stories and videos. In just a few clicks your children will be entertained with content that is suited for all ages. My hope is that the company that is producing this; keeps it free, has rapid updates to keep the content current and useful, and does not start advertising on it.

Where else could this application be useful? How about pre-schools, schools, churches, public libraries? Don’t be surprised if you see this program in the news in the next few weeks!

*While I have spent a good amount of time testing this application and its abilities, we at Attack Computer Wiz imply no guarantees.

**This program takes control of a lot of windows features and locks down the system. Be sure that you test this in either VM or on a machine that you don't mind formatting when you are done!

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