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There are a number of rumors floating around and early bandwagon jumpers who are claiming that there is a bug that allows users to bypass the passcode, PIN, or password lock on an iPhone that has updated to iOS 5.1. This is untrue, the described bug is not a bug at all. It is a failure on the users part to properly set security timeouts on their device.

The videos and descriptions show how anyone can bypass the passcode on an iPhone by simply activating the new camera feature on a locked device, click on the gallery button, and then click the home button. The videos show that the unauthorized user is now logged in without a passcode. Well the fact is, the device was never locked, the screen was only turned off. If the user in the demonstration would have set this timeout to immediate, rather than 1 minute or more, then the device would have truly been locked and this alleged bypass would not work. Check your settings by tapping “Settings”, “General”, “Passcode Lock”, “Required Passcode”.  The Required Passcode setting should be set to “Immediately” to properly secure your device.

This is not an Apple failure this is a user failure!


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