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Have you noticed the Picture Frame icon to the right of your unlock slider on your iPad device? This icon allows access to your camera roll by default even if the device is locked. While this may be a cool "feature" to allow the device to work like an electronic picture frame, it also, by default, allows access to images stored on your device while it is locked. I for one am not a fan of that.

While I cannot find an easy way to remove the icon completely, I did find a quick way to limit the images that are displayed. By following these quick steps you can select only certain photos to be displayed while the device is locked.

1. Unlock your device and tap "Photos",
2. Tap "Albums", "Edit", "New Album", name the new album, tap "Save",
3. Select photos from your library that you want to display. I have a photo of my business card with my contact information on it, tap "Done",
4. Exit Photos back to the home screen and tap "Settings",
5. Tap "Picture Frame", un-select "All Photos", select "Albums", and choose your new album from the list.

That should be it. Confirm by locking your iPad, tap the picture frame icon, and the only photo(s) displayed are the one(s) you chose.

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